About us

Our services

We provide specialist NHS mental health, learning disability and care home services in south east England. We provide services to people of all ages in Sussex and some services for children and young people with mental health problems in Hampshire. We provide care in people’s homes, specialist clinics, hospitals and GP surgeries

Our services are rated ‘good’ overall by the Care Quality Commission and ‘outstanding’ for caring.

Our organisation

We have approximately 5,000 staff and an annual income of over £300m.

We aspire to be a learning organisation, where continuous improvement drives everything we do, achieved by:

  • promoting a culture which builds trust, ensures hierarchy doesn’t get in the way of making positive changes and promotes inclusion
  • creating a positive environment where individuals and teams feel supported, accountable and clear about their responsibilities
  • establishing a working environment based on psychological safety where people feel empowered, able to raise concerns without feeling blamed and able to be themselves
  • using improvement techniques such Quality Improvement (QI) to help us continuously plan, deliver, evaluate and learn from change
  • maintaining standards that we expect of people in the way we behave, communicate and work with each other.

We are one of the most research active NHS mental health and learning disability trusts in the country and a member of the University Hospital Association. We are committed to undertaking research which directly benefits patients and helps improve clinical services. This is reflected in the suite of research clinics we have developed to improve our understanding of conditions such as traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, at the same time as making new treatments available to our local communities right now.

We have a charity, Heads On, which does everything possible to make things better for the people who use our services by providing funding for special projects, patient and family support, pioneering research and the transformation of our hospital environments.

Our partnerships

We are part of Sussex Health and Care Partnership. This Integrated Care System (ICS) involves all the NHS organisations and the local councils that look after public health and social care in Sussex. We take collective action to improve the health of local people, improve the quality of health and care services and ensure we make the most efficient use of our resources

We have established an ICS Mental Health Collaborative to help us achieve greater consistency in the way mental health and learning disabilities are commissioned, planned and delivered within our local area, whilst enabling flexibility to respond to specific needs within our three geographic ‘places’ in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex. This Collaborative includes patient leadership, our NHS acute partners, local authorities and the third sector.

We are also a key partner in Hampshire and Isle of White Sustainability and Transformation Partnership.

We are the lead organisation in newly established Provider Collaboratives for Adult Secure Services across Kent, Surrey and Sussex and for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Tier 4 Services across Wessex, Dorset, Kent and Sussex. These Collaboratives are financially and clinically responsible for the patient population in the geographical areas they cover. They represent the shift towards more joint working across local health and care systems in the interests of patient care.

Our values

Our values are designed to guide the way we behave and how we want people to experience Sussex Partnership, whether as someone who works here, works with us or uses our services.













Our commitment to inclusion

We believe people should be able to achieve their full potential regardless of age, disability, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or domestic circumstances. This underpins everything we do, including our ambition to continuously improve patient, family, carer and staff experience.

Our organisational strategy

Our organisational strategy is based upon People, Prevention and Partnerships. This strategy describes where we are heading, what we want to achieve in future and why. With everyone at Sussex Partnership contributing to this shared purpose, we aim to make best use of our collective energy, expertise and resources. This will help us make a positive difference to the communities we serve and improve health outcomes for local people.

Our vision is to improve quality of life for the communities we serve.

Our mission is to champion the rights of people with mental health problems and learning disabilities. We will work with our partners to bring health and care services together for their benefit.

The 3P’s which form the basis of our strategy are as follows:

People will feel valued, supported and cared for

This applies to people who use our services, their families and our staff. It’s an approach based on working with people as equal partners.

We are committed to making sure that people feel valued, supported and cared for. This includes people who use our services and their families, who work in partnership with us and work within our organisation.

Prevention of ill health will promote community wellbeing

We will use population data to understand and anticipate the needs of our local communities and improve population health. We will challenge stigma, encourage people to seek help early and provide help to people earlier if they are at risk of ill health.

Rather than expecting people to fit in with how we work, we will do everything possible to fit our services around the needs of our local communities.

Partnerships will provide people with the care they need

We will take a leading role in bringing partners together across health, housing, education, employment and social care to address the social factors which affect people’s health. We will play a leadership role in shaping how the whole health and social care system works with other sectors.

Our strategy is underpinned by how we work:

Our culture, values and behaviour

People will want to work here, and work with us, because we live our values. Our staff will recommend us as an employer, feel well treated, engaged and enabled to do their jobs well. They will also be clear about their responsibilities to each other and to the people we serve.

Effective and efficient use of resources

This enables us to live within our means, target the use of our resources where they are most needed and invest in innovation to improve individual health and care outcomes.  In our role as a University Teaching Trust we will help train the future workforce and advance patient treatment through ground-breaking research. This will help develop the resources to continue improving NHS services.