About Us

The NHS Confederation’s charitable purpose is the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of public health.  We believe in a national health service that is available to all and is based on clinical need not an individual’s ability to pay. We also believe that the NHS can continually improve the care it delivers for patients and the public.

The NHS Confederation is the only membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf of all organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services and our members are drawn from every part of the health and care system. We are the authentic voice of NHS leadership, committed to helping members address the very real challenges they face now, as well as helping to find sustainable solutions for the future.

Our vision is for an empowered and healthy population supported by world class health and care services.

Our mission is to be the authentic voice of NHS leadership.

We work with our members and health and social care partners to help the NHS guarantee high standards of care for patients and best value for taxpayers. We do this by:

  • Being a system leader in health and care
  • Effectively representing organisations that provide, commission and plan NHS and care services:
    • With politicians, national bodies and stakeholders
    • As the employers’ organisation with staff and Trades Unions
    • As the voice of the NHS in Europe
  • Supporting organisations to improve the health of patients and the public.

All of our work is underpinned by our core values:

  • Voice – we are vocal on the things that matter most, choosing wisely when to speak and when to stay quiet
  • Openness – we listen carefully to understand the views of others, are open to new ideas and challenge. We see diversity as a strength.
  • Integrity – we are reliable, responsible and fair, upholding the Nolan principles of standards in public life.
  • Challenge – we use our expertise confidently for our members, the service and each other, always challenging the value of everything we do in pursuit of our vision
  • Empowerment – we believe people are our biggest asset. We strive to continually learn from each other, develop new skills and knowledge in order to fulfill our potential.

We represent all organisations that commission and provide NHS services. Our members include acute trusts, ambulance trusts, clinical commissioning groups, community health service providers, foundation trusts, mental health providers, primary care trusts and a growing number of independent and voluntary sector healthcare organisations that deliver services within the NHS.

We represent the NHS as a whole and also have a number of networks and forums to support our members on areas of specific concern to their part of the healthcare system.

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations that represent health professionals, patients, their families and carers. We also work with NHS supply chain organisations, local government and partners from across the wider health and social care industry.

We also support our specialist networks and networked organisations – the Mental Health Network, the NHS Partners Network and NHS Clinical Commissioners – to provide our members with a strong and autonomous voice on issues where their part of the NHS has a distinct view.

Finally, we provide added value to our members and the wider healthcare system through the delivery of industry-wide support functions, including:

  • the NHS Employers organisation, that works to represent trusts in England on workforce issues
  • the NHS European Office, that promotes the priorities and interests of the NHS to European institutions and provides information and advice to NHS organisations on relevant European Union developments.